Friday, May 4, 2007

Web Relationships and Issue on Families

Technology as contributed to a number of different issues unique to family law. With the birth of the Internet, and Internet dating services, people are able to develop or rekindle relationships with people who live in different states or, in some cases, clear on the other side of the country. This causes problems when a couple has children and one of those parties wishes to relocate in order to be with their new boyfriend/girlfriend who they met over the Internet. Relocation statutes here in Florida make it extremely difficult for a party to relocate when that relocation will have a negative impact on the non-relocating party's relationship with his/her child(ren). Therefore, when stepping out into the dating world after a divorce or break-up, when there is children involved, its important to remember that relocation may not be an option if you are the primary residential parent. Therefore, when looking for a new potential mate, give serious thought to location, location, location.

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