Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trial and Disclosure of Information

One of the many reasons that a couple may settled their case at mediation rather than go to a Judge to decide their divorce issues, is due to the possibility of certain facts coming out that will have a negative impact on their lives outside of their divorce. Whether those negative facts are about drug abuse, tax evasion or criminal behavior, the idea that negative facts could come out in a proceeding which is public record scares people. In some ways, we are getting away from "slinging mud" in order to get our way in a divorce proceeding, however, there are times when a party will use a person's criminal activity, tax fraud or other quasi-criminal behavior as a bargaining tool in reaching a favorable settlement. This happens more often than not in divorces where there is a lot of money involved, or cases where the battle over child custody is extremely contentious. Such an example is Greg Norman's divorce. While there certainly isn't any allegations concerning criminal behavior there is still facts that seem to be coming out that Greg Norman may want to keep private. If you would like to read the latest story regarding Mr. Norman's divorce, see:,23599,21744515-2,00.html

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