Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money Woes Leads to Divorce

I think that most people know that one of the leading causes for divorce is money. What exactly is it about money that causes tension in relationships? The following article talks about the seven (7) money issues that are most likely to lead a couple to divorce. What I found most interesting is that one of the seven (7) things is issues that arise when a woman makes more than her husband. I find it funny that after all the strives that we have made as a society and the continuing role reversals in the traditional American family, experts still believe that men traditionally want to be the primary wage earners in a relationship.

To read the article about money woes see:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If They Can't Make, How Can We?

Al and Tipper Gore are the latest "celebrity" couple to be headed for divorce court. They were chastised for their overt display of affection towards one another while on the campaign trail and for outsiders there was no indication that their marriage was in any type of trouble. There are plenty of baby boomers who for a variety of different reasons end their long term marriages and there are questions about what this says about our society and the state of long term marriages in general. While it is unclear whether the same types of actions or inaction in a short term marriage cause the ultimate demise of a long term marriage, there is no question that divorce in long term marriages will change a tremendous amount of things, including what constitutes a "long term marriage". The following article addresses the questions raised by divorce late in life and how some people calling it quits cause other couples to question their own relationships.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Till Death Us Do Part?

I often pass over the opportunity to discuss celebrity divorce on this blog, however, Dennis Hopper's passing has brought up an interesting question about what happens if you have filed for divorce, but that divorce is not yet final when you or your spouse dies. Does your soon to be ex-spouse get more of your estate because you are still considered "married"? Dennis Hopper had a prenuptial agreement which states that his current wife, whom he filed for divorce from in January, will only be allowed to inherit any of his estate if they were married and living together at the time of his death. Therefore, the question in the probate court with respect to Hopper's estate will be whether the couple was living together at the time of Mr. Hopper's death. Every state is different when they are dealing with this issue, therefore, if you are in the process of a divorce, make sure that you update your will accordingly. Additionally, if you have concerns that your death may occur prior to the finalization of your divorce, motion the court to bifurcate your case to grant your divorce but reserve on the other issues so that your divorce can be granted. That way, if you were to die, you will die without a spouse and your former spouse will not inadvertently be entitled to more of your estate under probate/estate law rather than divorce/matrimonial law.