Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If They Can't Make, How Can We?

Al and Tipper Gore are the latest "celebrity" couple to be headed for divorce court. They were chastised for their overt display of affection towards one another while on the campaign trail and for outsiders there was no indication that their marriage was in any type of trouble. There are plenty of baby boomers who for a variety of different reasons end their long term marriages and there are questions about what this says about our society and the state of long term marriages in general. While it is unclear whether the same types of actions or inaction in a short term marriage cause the ultimate demise of a long term marriage, there is no question that divorce in long term marriages will change a tremendous amount of things, including what constitutes a "long term marriage". The following article addresses the questions raised by divorce late in life and how some people calling it quits cause other couples to question their own relationships.

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