Sunday, May 13, 2007

Inclusion of Your Ex at Family Events

One of the realities of divorce is how your families deal with your ex-spouse and new boyfriend/girlfriend after your divorce is finalized. Sometimes there are real harsh feelings towards your ex-spouse and your family may treat your ex-spouse with animosity. When there are children involved, it can create family situations which are tense and awkward. Another issue and problem that arises is when your family refuses to let go of the fact that you are no longer married to your ex-spouse and refuses to accept your new boyfriend/girlfriend. This creates even bigger issues for you and your new boyfriend/girlfriend. Getting your family to accept the reality of your divorce can be difficult, but its important to tell your family how you feel and make sure that you don't put your children, including your adult children, in the middle of an family war regarding including your ex-spouse in family events. Regardless of your feelings towards your ex-spouse, when there are children involved, your ex is a part of your life and you need to deal with the fact that they may be around and invited to family events.