Friday, May 25, 2007

The Ex-Wives Club

Leave it to reality television to glorify a lover scorned, or to glamorize what divorce is all about. A new reality television show on ABC will feature Marla Maples (Donald Trump's ex-wife), Angie Everhart (Ashley Hamilton's ex-wife), and Shar Jackson (Kevin Federline's ex-wife), where they will dish dirt and help those scorned get over their exes in a "positive" way. They use such tactics as dropping and ex's car from a great high distance to name just one positively insane tactic. I'm sure that these types of shows are good for ratings, however, I don't really believe that they do anything positive to help a divorcee get over their ex. In real life, you would go to jail for destroying property and you don't get paid for admitting that you may have treated your ex-spouse in a less than affectionate way. Tune into these shows for entertainment purposes, but do not use them as ways to get back at your ex in in your own life. The best approach for getting over an ex is making yourself happy, and a good therapist never hurt.

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