Sunday, May 20, 2007

The State of Adultery in America and Beyond

Adultery is one of the main causes for couples to break up. Although monogamy seems to be the norm in America, adultery still is commonplace. Even though many people cheat, it seems that we as a country consider adultery to be wrong and often vilify people who are known cheaters. Its said that its impossible to even find true statistics concerning adultery because of how secretive it is. Often times if a person strays, they don’t even share that information with their closest of friends and family. The research done in this particular article noted that the poorer a person was, the more likely they would commit adultery. However, in America, income has no bearing as to whether someone is likely to cheat. Why are the rules and statistics concerning adultery so different here in America? I am not sure we will ever find an answer to that question, but the following article is interesting and gives us a little bit of insight into the American adultery question:


Anonymous said...

It is getting out of control. You are putting out a lot of good information here. I am ashamed to say that I was born and raised in Florida after reading about some of the florida Adultry laws. I see where there is nothing that a person can do if their spouse is comitting adultry in Florida. So sad. I may end up suggesting that my daughter take severe corrective action and then get a criminal lawyer.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Interesting blog, and valuable info for those who unfortunately find themselves in that situation.

Politicians are arguably a reflection of the larger society.

There is a very simple reason why disgraced politicians should immediately resign no matter what the offense, or the talent they may possess which could benefit society:

In this partisan, acrimonious, political environment in which we currently live, and at this point in time in our nation’s evolution, any elected official needs as much support from his constituency which he or she can gather. After the offense, that support base will undoubtedly diminish, and render their service less effective.

As for resignation, you might check out this.