Monday, May 28, 2007

Central Florida And The Ex-Wives' Club

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about a new reality television series staring some Hollywood Ex-Wives. It seems that the casting for this show started right here in Central Florida. I am aware that divorce is very prevalent here in Central Florida, and while the divorce rate seems to be falling in other areas of the country, Florida's divorce rate is still holding strong. So, I'm not all that surprised that there were plenty of scorned men and women here in Central Florida, what surprises me is that there are so many people who were willing to air their dirty laundry on national television. I'm sure that initially, this new show will have good ratings, but I feel that the novelty will wear off and people will need to find other outlets to cure their hurt feelings and learn how to move on after a bitter divorce.,0,325616.story?coll=orl-caltvtop

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