Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Bad Spouse, Good Parent Dilemma

All too often a person is faced with the issue that their spouse is not good at being married, but is a wonderful parent. Is this a reason to stay married? Is it healthy for a child to be living with two people who obviously don't want enjoy being married? This is a dilemma that many couples are faced with and depending on who you ask, people will have differing opinions about what you should do. Some think that therapy is a good option, while others believe that staying in a bad marriage, regardless of the fact that someone is a good parent is not a good idea and you should divorce. In reality, a divorce is not necessarily a bad thing, and if parents are willing to work with one another, they can have a happy divorce. Its possible to work out custody arrangements so that the child has substantial contact with both parents and can feel comfortable having both parents and school and other family events. In any event, this is a personal decision that needs to be made on a subjective basis. However, I am of the opinion that if two people have their children's best interest at heart, there is no reason that a divorce will affect either party's ability to continue to be a good parent.

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