Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fame, Divorce, Money and the Media

Every time you turn around there is another celebrity, athlete or television personality in the midst of an ugly divorce. Many times there are allegations of abuse, adultery or a number of other different allegations which some how make their way into the media and onto the Internet for the whole world to see. Elijah Dukes, a baseball player for the Tampa Ray Devil Rays, has made headlines for alleged domestic abuse against his current wife, who is seeking an injunction for protection against Dukes. Dukes' agent accuses Dukes' wife of using the media to gain leverage in their divorce. She has spoken with the press and given them pictures and voicemail that were allegedly left on her cell phone by Dukes. Whether or not it was her intention to gain leverage and support through the media is at question, but the media coverage has certain hurt Dukes' image. Sometimes release of personal information to the press hurts an athlete, celebrity or actor so badly, that it either effects their performance in their job, and/or causes them to have trouble gaining employment. No matter, what information about a parties' divorce, especially in those cases where children are involved, does nothing but create a media frenzy over something that should be private.

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