Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tasteful Advertising

I find myself often writing about things that fall under the category "The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction". In Chicago, a local law firm erected a billboard that had two scantly clad people on it and under their firm name there was a statement "Life's Short, Get A Divorce". While I commend the thinking out of the box mentality that led to such a different way of advertising, I must admit that it is in poor taste and should be taken down. Lawyers already have a terrible reputation and divorce lawyers may even be held in a lower regard than others in their profession who practice in different areas of the law. Using tasteless advertising techniques may get clients in the door, but the integrity of the firm takes a hit, as well as the integrity of the profession. We all use advertising as a way to get clients to retain our services, however, I feel that you should advertise in way that provides useful information to potential clients about why you are qualified to represent them and not shock techniques that in the end only raise questions about your personal integrity. While this firm is gaining national attention, and they may subscribe to the idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity, I question whether this billboard, in the end, will give this firm anything more than some talk around the water cooler.

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