Thursday, May 17, 2007

Disabled Children and Connection to Divorce

There is a very high rate of divorce for those couples who have special needs children. Healthy, "normal" children put stress on a marriage, and couples who have children with disabilities have even more stress. The high rate of divorce may be because of the devotion that the couple needs to have for their children, or the fact that one of the parties cannot deal with the fact that they have a child who has special needs. A program here in Central Florida held at the Calvary Assembly of God gives disabled children a place to go to in order to be around other children like themselves, and gives frazzled parents a break in order to run errands or do some things for themselves. These types of support groups are necessary and essential for couples with disabled children to be a part of, because despite whether or not you are totally devoted to your children, you have to nurture your marriage if it is going to survive.

To read about the buddy program that helps disabled children and their families, read:,0,3110435.story?coll=orl-living-headlines

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