Friday, August 31, 2007

Ugly Custody Battles

It seems that the Britney Spears v. Kevin Federline custody battle is heating up and the subpoenas are flying. There are plenty of allegations of bad mothering and it seems that the Federline camp is bound and determined to look under every rock to accumulate as much dirt as possible in order to insure that Mr. Federline is awarded custody of their children. I'm always disturbed by these types of battles, because rarely is the best interests of the children at the heart of why two people cannot seem to get it together and figure out a way to parent their children. Often times its about money or getting back at the other person for whatever they feel is the reason for the demise of their relationship. We'll see where all of this is heading, but it doesn't look like Federline is backing down and if the tabloids and various Hollywood news shows have their way, they will help give Federline the ammunition he needs to show that his children might not be in the best hands when they are with their mother. Stay tuned!!!

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