Monday, August 20, 2007

Self Help Divorce

One of the things that happens way too often when a couple gets a divorce is that one party attempts to "cut off" the other party by locking them out of the marital home, taking their name off bank accounts or turning off credit cards. Generally speaking this is a big no no in terms of divorce court and Court's generally frown upon such attempts to cause havoc in the life of a soon to be ex-spouse. It seems that Greg Normal is being accused of such self-help antics in an effort to coerce his wife into a divorce settlement. While these actions sometimes can be effective in getting a party to agree to a settlement, they are sneaky and underhanded and sometimes can make an otherwise sane person look insane in the eyes of the Court. Therefore, I always encourage my clients to not lock a spouse out of the house, and to try to keep the status quo with credit cards and bank accounts.

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