Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adoption Nightmare

Adoption is supposed to be a refuge for children who are abandoned or without a home to call their own. However, sometimes, adoption is not such a good thing for a child. Sometimes children are adopted by people who are children collectors and the child's new home is fraught with abuse and neglect. While I think that these types of cases are the exception rather than the norm, there continues to be a loop hole that allows children to be adopted into homes which are far from loving. The most recent case making headlines is a case of a Port St. Lucie woman who is accused of abusing her 11 adopted children and collecting over $1 million in adoptive subsidiaries. While this woman claims she is innocent, I believe that the allegations have merit. No matter the outcome of this particular case, we should take a look into our adoption procedures to insure that all children are being adoptive into homes where they are going to be loved and free from abuse.

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