Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keeping Kids First

The CBS Morning show had a segment on this morning concerning helping children cope with divorce. I have talked a few times about the Bill of Rights for children in divorce. (See earlier blogs for the Bill of Rights). The parenting professional had some tips to help children cope with divorce and how to insure that parents remember that there are certain things that you don't say or don't do when you are going through a divorce. The Bill of Rights' basic goal is to give parents rules regarding how not to put children in the middle of their emotional issues. The suggestion that I think was most helpful is to put the Bill of Rights in a place where children can see and read them so that if they hear or witness something that goes against the Bill of Rights, the children can in essence call out their parents and put them in their place. Remember, children have a right to a lot of things, mainly to be free from dealing with their parents' emotional issues.

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