Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mother v. Stepmother

I was listening to the Dr. Phil show and while I don't always agree with him and believe that there is some exploitation of people for the sake of money and ratings, the topic that was being discussed today was mother v. stepmother. I feel this is a very relevant subject and often times when parents remarry different people, there is a battle between biological parents and stepparents to decide what is best for children. Unfortunately, much of the time the arguments and tension have very little do with what is best for the children, but more about the wants and insecurities of the adults. Living in the 21st century, families are evolving and its important to ALWAYS put the children first and understand your place in a family. If you are the biological parent you may be upset about the new relationship of your former spouse, and if you are the stepparent you may be trying to be a "parent" to children who are rebelling against you. Working with one another to help children adjust is much more effective than working against one another.

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