Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back To School In Florida

Those dog days of summer are just about over for kids who live in Florida. The first day of school is less than two weeks away for most kids and the rush to get school clothes and supplies are on. I often write about problems and issues surrounding divorce, child support, child custody, etc. Today, I'd like to take the time out to recognize something good that is happening here in Florida. On Tuesday, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Family Services of North Florida and other sponsors held their back to school party for foster children. Many children were provided with back packs and school supplies so that they were properly prepared for school in a few weeks. Its a hard fact that when children are removed from their parents home, they often do not have many possessions, and their foster parents are sometimes not financially able to provide these children with everything that they need for school. Its nice to know that there are organizations out there that recognize a need to help children displaced by abuse or neglect. Bravo!!!

If you would like to read about the annual back to school party held in Jacksonville, read the following story:

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