Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Do It Yourself Divorce

There are a growing number of people who finalize their divorces without the aid of an attorney. If you and your soon to be ex-spouse have come to an agreement with respect to all of the issues regarding your divorce, there is no reason that you cannot file all of your divorce paperwork on your own, especially if money is an issue. Some courts are even developing new systems and programs to insure that the pro se petitioner and respondent know exactly what paperwork needs to be filed with the Court before a Judge will grant them a divorce. This is half the battle when you are attempting to navigate the often paperwork intensive waters of divorce. I often times encourage people who come to my office to attempt to finalize their divorce on their own if they are sure that they aren't going to be bamboozled by their spouse and are confident in filling out all the necessary paperwork, as well as going to Court on their own. The following article talks more about the emergence of the pro se divorce here in Florida:


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