Thursday, September 13, 2007

Unprofessionalism in Family Law Cases

No matter what profession you are in, from time to time, you come across unprofessional people who make it very hard for you to do your job. Unfortunately, lawyers are not immune from unprofessional colleagues. In a recent case in South Florida, which is determining whether a child should remain with her foster parents in Florida or be returned to Cuba, some of the behavior of one of the attorneys' involved was called into question by the Judge presiding over the case. Its been my experience that Judges have little tolerance for unprofessional behavior and will not hesitate to reprimand an attorney when they are acting in an unprofessional manner towards the Judge, opposing counsel or the opposing party. Therefore, its important to always treat people with respect and don't act in a manner which is going to get you slapped verbally by a Judge.

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