Saturday, September 22, 2007

Divorce The New Marriage

A new comedy which is being developed by NBC and novelist, Gigi Levangie Grazer, is going to circle around a couple in their 30s who are divorcing but still living together. The premise is the couple don't have enough money to go their separate ways so they live harmoniously under the same roof, despite the fact that their marriage is over. Grazer states that she believes that divorced couples are leaving one another with a lesser degree of animosity than they did in the 1990s and this new comedy is going to try to bring focus to the fact that couples can still be friends after a divorce. While I think the premise is one that can be fraught with humorous situations, I think the majority of divorcing couples who are living under the same roof for financial reasons are not co-existing in a happy healthy environment. More often than not, when a couple has to remain under the same roof during or after a divorce for financial reasons, the stresses of that situation can be unbearable. Therefore, I find it unlikely that most divorcing couples will find humor, or even be able to relate, to this new television show.

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