Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For Better or For Worse

I have been a long time reader of a comic strip, "For Better of For Worse". If you are unfamiliar with the strip, its about a family who lives in Canada, and unlike most strips, the characters age in real time. This strip has handled many funny topics, but also more serious real life topics like death, homosexuality, growing old and divorce, to name a few. Sadly, the strip is coming to its inevitable conclusion as the strip's creator, Lynn Johnston, anticpates retirement. While this has saddened me that I can no longer vicariously live through the lives of the Patterson family, I understand the need to move on. Why does this have anything to do with my family law blog you may ask?? It seems that Ms. Johnston, is currently going through a divorce of her own, and the semi-retirement that she anticipated while her marriage was still intact, is not what it is now, partly because of her impending divorce. When people are going through a divorce, its important to envision a different future for yourself and be open to the positive things which may come to be in that new future as a single person. Ms. Johnston is doing just that, and her story is something that I think many people who are ending marriages while on the verge of retirement can relate to.

If you would like to read a story about Ms. Johnston and her comic strip "For Better or For Worse", see the following article:

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