Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Web Site To Help Women Through Divorce Seeks Funding

Getting through a divorce and learning how to pick up the pieces emotionally and financially after your divorce is finalized can sometimes leave someone feeling desperate for direction and assistance in how to move on. This is especially true for some women. Dawn Haynes, a woman here in Florida, is trying to get a website up and running called ReDesigning Women that will be a site for women to look to when figuring out the piles of "to dos" which are involved with divorce. The site has not yet been launched, but they are seeking funding in order to make this website concept a reality. I cannot speak to the content of the site, or the credentials of the people who are trying to get the web site up in running. What I can speak to is that the more credible, helpful and accurate information that is out there concerning divorce, the better.

To read about this new website, see the following article:

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