Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beware of Quickie Divorce Scams

I am always wary of websites or people who claim they can get your divorce pushed through the courts quickly. However, I never thought that the clerks in the court would take advantage of people to scam them out of money. The following story is about a clerk in the domestic court in Miami who charged people money and made promises that they would get their divorce through the court system quickly. This is illegal behavior and a lesson for all of you out there who may be trying to complete your divorce in the least costly manner.


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Mkeen61267 said...


I want to warn you about a UK company that has launched an online divorce website in Florida called http://florida-quickie-divorce.com/staff.html

These people have no licence to practice law in Florida and not one of their staff is even qualified as a lawyer in the UK.

Someone should report them to the UPL people at the State Bar. I think because they are based in the UK they can get away with it.