Friday, January 11, 2008

Keeping An Eye on Child Welfare System

Every now and then I come across an article about someone who abuses a state's adoption or foster care system in order to obtain money from the state. What always baffles me is how things can get so bad, that a person is making the news because of the frauds they have committed on the state and/or the abuse that a child had to suffer before people take notice. The following article is about a women who adopted many children to collect child welfare checks, and she may be responsible for killing one of the children that she adopted. While I understand that the state is heavily bogged down with issues related to children who are abused, neglected or abandoned by their natural parents, there must be a way to insure that a child is safe when they are released to the care of a third party.

The following article concerns a former Queens woman charged in an adoption scam who may have killed one of the 11 children she took into her care:,0,6228311.story

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