Sunday, April 29, 2007

Money and Marriage

With wedding season upon us, there are plenty of articles and news items being published right now about how to make a successful marriage. One of the biggest issues that couples fight about is money. Whether a couple is wealthy or poor, money can be a major contributing factor in most divorces. The best advice when it comes to money is make sure that there aren't any secrets. If all your money issues and concerns are on the table from the beginning, there are no surprises. Sometimes there is one party to the marriage who racks up credit card debt and fails to tell their spouse about it. This debt is always revealed at some point, and hiding the debt causes more friction and problems then letting the other spouse know about its existence. There are many other tips that can help you avoid some of the money pitfalls that drive a couple to divorce. If you would like to read more about how discussing money with your spouse can assist in the longevity of your marriage, see:

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