Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grandparent's Rights to Custody

Yet another twist in the Anna Nicole Smith case has arisen in that her mother is now arguing that she should have custody of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. Whether or not she is motivated by money, fame or actual love for her daughter or granddaughter is up for debate. The real question is whether she has any right to custody if the natural father, is ready, willing and able to step in to be the custodial parent. I don't know whether its in the best interests of the minor child to hand over custody to a man she has hardly any contact with, however, I am unclear as to why Anna Nicole's mother feels she has the standing to be the custodial parent, given the fact that she was estranged from her daughter. I guess we'll await the conclusion of the final chapter in this Hollywood drama. It just makes me wonder and hope that fathers and/or grandparents would step up to the plate to take care of a minor child in cases where there isn't fame and fortune in their favor if they obtain custody.

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