Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Military Divorce Rates Rising

Unfortunately, the war in Iraq has taken a toll on military families. Often times the strain of a husband or wife being shipped off to a foreign country for long period of times can lead to divorce. Additionally, many soldiers are effected by the events they saw and participated in while serving our country which makes them a different person once they return to American soil. This too can have an effect on marriages. Many military couples fail to arrange formal marriage counseling to address the special issues that arise in military marriages because they fear that this will cause problems with military promotions. However, failing to address the unique problems that are a result of being "married to the military" can ultimately cause the failure of the marriage. The military has developed unique ways in which families can seek out advice in an anonymous way in order to help them with their marriage woes. One such device is a column written by a soldier's wife that can be found on the Fort Campbell Courier Website. Ms. Vicki's advice and counsel is often sought out by people who want to know how to cope with certain situations in an anonymous fashion. While formal counseling may be a better way to deal with marital issues and problems, the fact that the military is addressing the fact that their divorce rates are up and providing some new alternatives for families in distress is a positive step.

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