Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How To Be A Good Wife

Back in the 1950s, Good Housekeeping published an article entitled "How To Be A Good Wife". This article is something that every "bride-to-be" receives in her email inbox at some point prior to her marriage. In today's day and age, this article is comical, given the fact that most of the advice is straight out of the June Clever handbook. However, the goal of the article was to give women the tools to make their husbands happy. While retrieving slippers and making sure that the kids are clean and quiet when the man comes home from work may not be the recipe for a happy marriage, in order to insure the health and longevity of a marriage, a couple needs to nurture their relationship. Couples today are busy nurturing careers and their children and often times, a husband/wife comes a distant third on the priority list. The role of a wife has evolved and changed over the past 50 years and the dynamics between husbands and wives has evolved. In order to make a marriage work long term and avoid issues and pitfalls which lead to divorce, a couple needs to nurture their relationship with each other. This doesn't need to be in a 1950s style, but a 2000s style. A family is only as strong as the couple who is at the helm, therefore, remember to take care of one another.

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