Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hindu Traditional Wedding Disaster

In Hollywood, the truth is always more bizarre than fiction. It seems that Elizabeth Hurley may be facing jail time in India for failing to abide by Hindu traditions at her recent wedding in India. A suit has been filed whereby she is accused of making an "outrage" of a group's religion with a malicious intent. Apparently, Ms. Hurley wore leather shoes in a country that believes cows are sacred, and had alcohol prior to the sacred religious rites, among other things. I'm unsure whether Ms. Hurley meant anything malicious when she didn't follow Hindu tradition 100% when she had her marriage, but it seems the failure to follow protocol may cause her not only bad press, but jail time. Just another reason why its important to know all the facts before getting married.

If you would like to read the story about Ms. Hurley's Hindu wedding issues, see:

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