Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yanking of Concealed Weapons in Domestic Violence Cases

The following is an older case, but it is important to be aware that in the event there is any accusation of domestic violence, its possible that your right to bear arms will be suspended.

Miami Judge Yanks Concealed Weapons Permits
By Megan O'Matz, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
5-23-07 -- People accused of domestic violence must surrender their concealed weapon licenses along with their guns and ammunition under new procedures implemented by the courts in Miami-Dade County. . . . Earlier this month, Amy Karan, administrative judge for the county's Domestic Violence Division, ordered that firearm forms for restraining orders and misdemeanor acts of domestic abuse be revised to specifically require that people give up their licenses to carry guns. . . . The judge said she took the step after reading a South Florida Sun-Sentinel investigation of Florida's concealed weapon system. The newspaper found, among other problems, that 128 people statewide had valid licenses to carry guns despite permanent domestic violence injunctions. Licenses are supposed to be suspended whenever an injunction is in place but mistakes are made and some cases overlooked, the Sun-Sentinel reported. . . . "It didn't sound like it was being done 100 percent of the time," Karan said

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