Thursday, July 5, 2007

Clearwater the Divorce Capital of the Nation

It seems that according to a New York Times study, Clearwater, Florida has more divorced residents than any other large city in the United States. Other Florida cities ranked high on this list as well. Why is Florida such a popular place for people to get divorced, or flock to once they received a divorce? I think its a combination of the fact that if you and your spouse can agree on all terms, you can get divorced in 20 days and the fact that Florida is a no fault state. No matter what caused your divorce, or whose fault the demise of the marriage is, these facts will have little bearing on the financial outcome of a divorce. Or, perhaps the explanation is even more simple than that, meaning that Florida just has a large population of people from all walks of life, and divorce does not discriminate. So, if you are divorced, getting divorced, or thinking of getting a divorce, chances are there are a lot of people in Florida to commiserate with.

If you would like to read about the NY Times survey, read:

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