Thursday, June 21, 2007

Should I Divorce Him?

The Internet has been a great source of information for people looking for any type of advice, from how to cook a lasagna to how to find the perfect mate. A new website has been created for women to allow them to vent about their current spouse or to seek out advice as to whether their marriage is worth saving. " is a content-based website featuring a team of veteran writers who dish the dirt on the good, the bad and the ugly of relationships. With blogs such as Mrs. Bickersons's Bitchings, The Ex Files and Do I Need To Slap You?, there's a wealth of real-life writings that tell it like it is - from why couples divorce to successful marriage tips". With the amount of traffic that this website has gotten, there seems to be a need to help people get real advice about difficult problems or to poke fun at the normal frustrations of being married.

About Should I Divorce Him? the internet's first destination and online community catering to the trials and tribulations of marriage, family and divorce with support for any woman, advice and tips for a successful marriage. A subsidiary of KMJ Interactive, the founding group is comprised of a team of seasoned internet and media professionals from a range of world-class companies including, Cox Media, American Media, CNN International, USA Networks,, IBM and Sensormatic. The site features daily commentary from a host of seasoned writers, message boards, expert articles, relationship resources and more. Visit for more information.
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