Thursday, June 14, 2007

Religion Playing A Role In Fidelity?

A new study asks questions about fidelity and its link to religion. This study offers "evidence" that a person's religion affects whether or not they are faithful to their marriage vows. I think that the study is a bunch of bologna, for lack of a better word. Most people who are faithful are so because its against their moral code, and not because their religion says that it's wrong. There is still a 50% divorce rate, and when people marry they vow to be with someone "until death do us part". If religious people don't get divorced because it is against their religion, I feel that the divorce rate would be much lower. Regardless of what this study states, fidelity is just one of many factors that contribute to the demise of a couple's marriage. While I believe that having a strong faith and having the same moral beliefs as your partner can contribute to the health of a couple's marriage, I'm not sure there is as strong a connection between fidelity and religion as this study may suggest.

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