Tuesday, January 2, 2007

How To Find a Good Mediator

More and more states are not only encouraging couples to mediate in order to resolve their divorces, but are requiring them to do so before allowing them to have their cases heard by a judge. Mediation is a great tool that gives you the opportunity to have complete control over the outcome of your divorce. A great mediator can be the key to a successful mediation. Every mediator has their own style and not every mediator may be right for the particular issues you may have. Personal referrals are usually the best way to find any professional. If someone had a successful mediation, chances are their mediator was part of the reason why their case settled without litigation. When looking for a mediator use the following:

  • Expertise. Some mediators are former lawyers. Some are therapists. You want to pick a mediator whose background matches your needs. If the law and finances are fairly simple, you might want to look for a mediator with a therapeutic background. If there are a fair number of legal issues and substantial property, but you are both calm and cooperating well, then a mediator with a legal background might be best.
  • Knowledge. Does he or she understand the financial matters that concern you? Can he or she present them in a way that helps you understand them?
  • People skills. Will he or she be able to bring the two of you together enough to conclude the business of the mediation?
  • Impartiality. In order to be effective, the mediator must not lean either to one party or to the other. You must both trust that the mediator will be impartial, and will have both your interests at heart.

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