Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Being Financially Smart During A Divorce

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are going through a divorce is getting emotionally attached to assets. Many times people find themselves arguing about a piece of furniture that they hate, just to spite their soon to be ex. This can be detrimental on so many levels, including financially. Fighting over assets that you really have no interest in owning prolongs a process that can be relatively quick and can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary attorneys' fees. Many people hire professionals to help them make good decisions about their pensions, homes, businesses, etc. One such type of professional is a Divorce Financial Analyst.

Michele Ash is a certified Divorce Financial Analyst in Northeast Florida who taught a class at Florida Community College at Jacksonville’s Downtown campus to help people understand the financial issues that come about during a divorce. Her main goal is to equip people with information so they don't suffer long term financial consequences after their divorce as a result of making decisions based solely upon their emotions. She has two major rules of thumb and they are (1) try to be objective rather than emotionally tied to your assets; and (2) think long term. When you think rationally about your assets and consider where you want to be financially in a few years, you are more likely to make sound decisions about assets and who should receive them at the conclusion of your divorce.

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