Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good Idea on Paper, Bad Idea in Reality

I was watching television this morning and there was a small news item which caught my attention. A couple in Brooklyn, New York, who are going through a divorce, were ordered to have a drywall partition put into place in their home. Neither party wanted to leave the marital home, so the wall went up so that the couple could reside in the home together without having to have any contact with one another. The "wall" literally cuts the home in half. This approach to resolving differences during the duration of a divorce is certainly novel, however, it may create more problems than it intends to solve. First and foremost, it is not a healthy living environment for anyone, including the parties' children. Secondly, this cannot be a permanent arrangement. The sooner a couple learns to adjust to the changes that are brought upon by divorce, including the need to create two separate homes, the sooner a divorce can be finalized. Finally, more often than not, a marital home is a couple's largest asset and many times ends up being sold. Any unusual or damaging things that are done to the home during the duration of a divorce can devalue the house which is not in any one's best interest. While splitting a house in half may make an interesting news story, it doesn't necessarily make good sense in reality.

If you would like to read about the Brooklyn couple that this blog entry is based on, see:

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