Monday, January 15, 2007

Amicable Divorce Is Possible!!

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal, tells the tale of a wealthy couple who over a glass or two of wine, amicably split their assets upon deciding to divorce. Tim and Edra Blixseth were able to come to an agreement about who was going to get what assets without the need for an attorney or Judge. While this is certainly not the norm, there is a growing trend for couples to work together to dissolve their marriages and divide their assets. In the end, this type of arrangement can be fair, quick, inexpensive and in the interest of both parties. More often than not, hurt feelings, resentment, or unrealistic ideas of what one is entitled to can curb a couples' ability to settle their divorce without the help of a Judge or a professionally trained mediator. However, obtaining a divorce and being in control of your own future is possible.

If you would like to read the article about Tim and Edra Blixseth in its entirety, it can be found at:

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