Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stricter Punishment for Bigamy

A con man pleaded no-contest to bigamy in Tampa a few weeks ago and was sentenced to 27 months in a prison and this sentence is in conjunction with federal bank fraud charges which he also plead guilty to. Basically, this man will spend just over two years in a minimum security/white collar prison for defrauding a few woman for years and claiming to be something that he was not. Is this a harsh enough sentence? I would like to think not and believe that there should be some harsher sentences for people who literally commit fraud. What are your thoughts, please share them here.

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djr said...

No it was not enough punishment.
Bigamy gets less than DUI.
I live in Pasco county ,FL and I am divorcing a man who has 3 wives. I found out that his wife of 18years is still his wife. I have been married to him since 1994, he never got divorced and he knew it. He now has a new future wife and she has no clue what he is. He uses women for money. To support him, if he finds something better then he moves on because(he's not married to you). Virginia (the state that I married him in won't prosecute) even though I can prove he knew he was marrying me without divorceing the wife in Texas, he also has a common law wife in Texas. Texas doesn't care because "adults will be adults" noone thinks about what it has done to the victem the now wife who is usually in debt or left with debts and he just calmly walks away. The new prospects (future wife) has no clue and they are just as vunerable they will be used and that is what the bigamist does (financially, emotionally). They should spend min 25 yrs in jail for bigamy then people might think twice about doing it. There needs to be a name bank, when you put in for the marriage license it show that your are elgible for divorce no matter how many times you have been married it shows that your are divorced.
It is morally, and legally worng and should have tougher punsihment.

Anonymous said...

Mi esposo se casó con una mujer colombiana residente en Miami sin estar divorciado de mi. Además debe más de 90.000 dólares en Colombia y no está cumpliendo con la manutención de nuestras hijas. Y hoy es ilegal.

¿De cuánto podría ser su pena?


Anonymous said...

Well,there's a Bigamist in Lake Worth Florida,that's not havin such an easy go of it...