Saturday, December 20, 2008

Divorced and Still Together

One of the common things that I am seeing in my practice as a result of the economy and poor housing market is people stuck with homes that they cannot sell. Some people choose to let the home foreclose, others choose to remain in the home together, even after a divorce. Some people are able to amicably live with one another after divorce with few issues and problems, others find themselves fighting over everything from who is going to get the master bedroom to whether they can bring dates home with them. Its hard to move on emotionally if you are still living with your ex, but it can be a solution to financial woes, so long as it doesn't result in long term emotional trauma.

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Raleigh Divorce Lawyer said...

That's a tough situation. We have the same problem in North Carolina except that we can't start the process toward divorce until the parties stop living together. People here don't have the option of living together after the divorce because they can't get the divorce until they have lived apart for a year. It really frustrating for lots of people right now.

Great post. Great blog. It's terrific that you are willing to spend your time informing the public. Thanks.

Lee Rosen