Friday, October 17, 2008

Service Heads Up

Contested divorce litigation can be one of the most animosity filled procedures that a person can go through in their life, and sometimes how you start off your divorce case can help dictate the tone of your divorce case. Here are some does and don'ts to follow when you are about to service your spouse with divorce paperwork to insure your divorce case is set with the most positive tone possible.

1. Do give your a spouse the heads up that you are filing for divorce and that they will be served with papers.

2. Don't serve your spouse at work, unless absolutely necessary to effectuate service.

3. Do give your spouse a general idea of what is in the paperwork.

4. Don't serve your spouse in front of your children.

5. Don't serve your spouse at a counseling session (I've actually seen this happen).

6. Do expect your spouse to have a negative reaction to being served with divorce papers.

7. Do leave your home if you are fearful that your spouse will have a hostile reaction to being served with papers.

If you follow these simple rules, you can insure that your spouse will be prepared when they are served with divorce papers and may insure that they appreciated that you respected them enough to give them the heads up that it was happening and that you used your best efforts to insure that the service is effectuated in a private fashion.

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