Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Normally I look through all the headline to find Florida family law stories to blog about. I attempted to find a new story, but unfortunately, today in Orlando, the big news surrounds Casey Anthony's arrest for 1st degree murder, among other things, in connection with the disappearance of her 3 year old daughter. This case has gotten more exposure on a local and national level and I loathe being anywhere near the courthouse when there is breaking news on this story. My schedule precludes me from avoiding the courthouse tomorrow morning, so I will wind my way through security and attempt to avoid all the press that is there to catch a glimpse of Casey Anthony. I wonder as we are focusing on this case whether anything could have been done to avoid this whole tragedy in the first place. Ms. Anthony was a young mother who obviously had trouble looking after the best interests of her daughter. I pose the question to you now, when is the appropriate time for the state to step in to insure that children are being properly cared for? Why didn't the grandparents call the authorities when they went weeks without seeing their grandchild? There are so many questions that surround this case and we can only hope that all of these questions will be answered now that Ms. Anthony will be facing a trial.

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