Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Using Divorce As A Reconciliation Tool

Most people who come to my office for an initial consultation are ready to file for divorce. Sometimes, a party comes to my office because they are simply attempting to find out what their legal rights are in the event they do file for divorce, but they still think that they may be able to work things out with their spouse. Sometimes people want to file for divorce to try to "scare" their spouse into working out their marital problems. I rarely see this as an effective tactic in reconciliation. However, it still happens. Seems like Linda Bollea. Hulk Hogan's wife, may be using this tactic to attempt to reconcile with her husband.

To read this story, see: http://www.newsoxy.com/hulk_hogan_wife_linda_bollea_hope_to_reconcile/article10225.htm

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