Monday, March 17, 2008

Health Insurance and Divorce

Once you are divorced, under most circumstances, you are not going to be able to continue to have your spouse under your current health insurance policy. If you fail to inform your employer that you are no longer married, its possible that may have to repay the company and the insurance company for a sort of insurance fraud. Read the following story and remember to remove your ex-spouse from your health insurance after you are divorced.


Anonymous said...

If the spouse has provided health insurance for the entire marriage, can medical insurance coverage be part of a divorce agreement (in florida)?

fluffygranny said...

My sister is a resident of DeLand and has long entertained the idea of divorce. She is 58, the mother of two grown kids.

Her husband has always been a difficult man but gets worse with time.

He is well invested, retired and inherited a fair amount that has been put in their accounts so I am assuming it is considered comingled (a word I didn't know until tonight.)

She hasn't worked since before her babies were born some thirty yrs ago.

What she is terrified of is two fold. One, he will hide all the money if he feels she is making a move and how will she have insurnace. In the previous post it appeared that she would have none and must stay there.

Am I correct?