Saturday, March 3, 2007

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Every state has different ways to enforce child support orders. Florida's Department of Revenue has several ways to bring child support arrears current or create different ways to punish those offenders for failure to pay their child support as ordered. Some of the remedies for failure to pay child support are as follows:

  1. Suspending Florida driver's license.
  2. Suspending other licenses such as hunting, fishing, as well as occupational and professional licenses.
  3. Intercepting IRS tax refunds.
  4. Intercepting Florida lottery winnings over $600, unemployment compensation, and workers' compensation.
  5. Requiring employers to deduct child support from noncustodial parents' wages (Income Deduction Order).
  6. Cooperating with the court for issuance of writs, also known as arrest warrants.
  7. Placing liens on real property and personal property such as cars and boats.
  8. Reporting the child support debt to credit bureaus, which can affect the noncustodial parent's credit rating.
  9. Placing bank account levies and garnishment.

If you are not receiving the child support that you are entitled to, you should contact the Department of Revenue immediately. They can be found on the web at

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