Thursday, March 15, 2007

Divorce Aftermath

Once a divorce is final, in many cases, the couple will still be connected to one another either because of their children, or because of alimony payments. Unfortunately, at times those ties cause people to react or do crazy things. In New York, a man has been indicted for the murder of his ex-wife and he was quoted as saying that the alimony payments that he paid on a monthly basis were forcing him to take a job at a local Quiznos. He was obviously distraught over the amount of alimony he was paying and it appears that he may have killed his wife as a result. I do not justify what this man may have done, but there is no question that inequitable alimony awards can make people do crazy things. In the event you have a client or you yourself are stuck with a large alimony award that makes it impossible to pay your monthly bills, I highly suggest either appealing the Order or filing a Petition for Modification. Chances are if you are truly having trouble paying your monthly bills, your alimony award will be adjusted so that it is more equitable.

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