Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why Divorce Rate Increases Slightly in January

Ask any family lawyer and they'll tell you that their is a slight spike in their consultations for divorces in January. Many people wait until after the business of the holiday season is over to seek out a divorce. There are various reasons for waiting, one being having a sense of a family unit for the children during the holiday season, or a person just wanting to start a new year with a new life. Unfortunately, there is no good time for a divorce, and whenever you decide to end your marriage, it will affect your children. Any illusion of happiness during the holidays is just that, and while I understand why someone might wait until after the holidays to get a divorce, it won't make the process any easier, it some ways it makes it more difficult. Children may wonder why their parents are splitting since everyone seemed happy during the holidays. This can be confusing and send the wrong message to children. I'm not saying that you should divorce during the holidays, I'm just saying that divorce is difficult no matter when you decide to commence the proceeding.

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