Saturday, February 3, 2007

Internet Divorce

You can get just about anything on the web these days, why should divorce be any different? A Florida attorney has created a website that makes getting divorced as simple as purchasing a book through For a simple fee, an attorney will prepare for and file your divorce papers and will appear with you at your final judgment hearing. Your case must be 100% uncontested, meaning that you and your spouse must agree on everything related to your divorce including custody of your children and child support. There are plenty of paralegal-type companies that offer this service as well, however, boasts that when you sign up with them, you get an actual attorney to do the work for you insuring that everything is done correctly. I'm not sure whether you are given any advice or guidance with respect to any part of the divorce process. While this seems like a wonderful alternative to using a costly attorney, I'm wary of a service that may not require you to have any contact with your attorney prior to your final judgment. When a couple divorces and a final judgment is entered, whatever is contained in their Marital Settlement Agreement is solemnized into that Final Judgment. This means that the couple will be bound by that Agreement. If something is contained in the Marital Settlement Agreement that the couple either doesn't properly understand, or worse, didn't intend to be in there, they are stuck with it until further order of the Court. There are plenty of attorneys out there who can provide the same service as for a reasonable fee, who will meet with their clients in person to make sure that everyone is on the same page. I am all for technology and feel like any attempt to simplify the divorce process is wonderful, however, there are some things that require face to face interaction. If a matter is truly uncontested, a couple is 100% clear on their intentions, and they understand the process as well as all the papers that they are signing, Internet divorce is a viable option. For those couples who have a bevy of questions and who may need more handholding throughout the divorce process, an attorney who they can meet with face to face is probably the better option, regardless of whether the matter is completely uncontested.

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