Monday, June 8, 2009

Adult Children and Divorce

Almost every time that I do a search for articles about divorce and Florida, inevitably there is something that comes up about the divorce of Hulk Hogan. Recently, there was an article that addressed the hard time that Brooke Hogan was having with her parents' divorce. Brooke is over the age of eighteen and for all purposes an adult, yet she still cries over "the way we were". There is plenty of literature out there about the effect that divorce has on adult children and why it may be harder on them then their minor child counterparts. If you are used to your parents being together and then when you are an adult, you are forced to deal with divorce, there are a variety of different reasons why this can be hard to take. The following article addresses the issues that adult children of divorce have.


Cosmic godess said...

I came across your website in search for answers about florida divorce. My friend has no kids, no property, no assets and as with his wife for less then two weeks before he joined the army. since she has been living with another man and he has been stationed over seas for Three years. he hired an attorney to help him with the divorce but she refused to sign or file because she didn't want to lose her military benefits that she got off of him. He hired the lawyer over a year ago.. the lawyer has done nothing for him other then print the paperwork and send it to the wife. when she didn't respond they did nothing further.. 2k for that? So my question is it it possible for him to go to florida between deployment while on leave and file divorce and a waiver to appear in court so that he doesn't have to fly back for an appointment? I heard of teleconferences and so forth being done before but it seems like no one is willing to help him.

elijah said...

Divorce is a painful and nerve-wracking experience and should be avoided if possible. If, however, the marriage is irretrievable, a divorce lawyer can guide you through the process and safeguard your rights. One of the most important decisions that you will have to make is your choice of a divorce lawyer. Your divorce settlement is determined by your decision. A poor selection can ruin the rest of your life

Family Law Solicitors said...


Looking at this from a UK perspective (specifically England & Wales) we do take into account the needs of "older" children when considering the finality of the divorce.

For example there are college / university fees to consider and maintenance whilst the teeanger is extending their education.

The financial burden for the breadwinner in the UK stretches far beyond the age of majority Im sorry to say.

James King said...

When we planned to get divorce, I should think my children first because they are the first people who will get affected. So, I choose ?children and divorce later.