Monday, May 11, 2009

Is Divorce Recession Proof?

I've read lots of articles and stories about how divorce rates are on the decline and the reason for the decline is the poor economy. I've been wary of this theory for quite some time given the fact that I haven't seen much of a decline in my own practice. In some cases, we are busier than ever. The issues that people are arguing over are different, meaning that people are fighting over who has to keep the house rather than who wants the home. However, we haven't seen much a decline in the amount of people who are coming in for consultations. The following article discusses whether or not divorce is recession proof.


C. Sean Stephens said...

Our experience in Oregon has been an uptick in business during the recession. We have posted about the effect of the economy on divorce at and

Altoona Lawyer said...

I would have to say in my experience, times of economic distress result in a noticeable upswing in divorce rates. Whether clients like to admit it or not, money is often the root of the vast majority of the problems. That being said, hard economic times often have these troubled couples turning to the cheapest avenues for their divorce.